Selling, general and administrative expenses were 222.6 million, and as a percentage of sales increased 20 basis points to 31.1%. This was primarily due to acquisition related costs of $2.5 million and administrative cost increases supporting strategic initiatives, partially offset by a $3.9 million favorable settlement from the De Beers anti trust litigation. Other operating income was $39.7 million, up $7.5 million versus last year reflecting interest on the higher level of accounts receivable and the change in the mix of finance programs selected by customers.

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pandora essence ”But right now that’s kind of on the back burner. I’m talking about 40 cases without a paycheque, or maybe a small fraction of a cheque.”For Holloway, the problem first came up with his last paycheque in August, when he received$597 instead of his usual net pay of between $2,200 and $2,300. Two weeks ago, his cheque was for $128 and this Wednesday, there was no pay at all.The sole breadwinner for his family of five, Holloway said his income tax is usually taken off at the lowest rate but when he’s received emergency salary advances to top up the Phoenix shortfalls, those top ups have calculated his income tax at the single person rate, so he’s only been netting about $1,600 per pay period.More critical has been the three to four day delay in the advances. pandora essence

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pandora charms While we’re on Hawthorn’s outstanding rebound from a round one defeat, there was no more outstanding rebound, literally, on the weekend, than that offered by Hawk veteran Josh Gibson. Patrick Dangerfield’s Geelong debut may have set the bar high for best individual performance of the season, but Gibson’s effort against the Eagles has to come close. His 44 disposals roaming across half back was an amazing haul pandora charms.